Liz 10 - Doctor 11

I am pleased to see that our episode polls are starting to produce interesting results.

You can see from the results so far that 'The Eleventh Hour' was generally received better than 'The Beast Below'.

As I write this we can already see that whilst 28% of voters would describe 'The Eleventh Hour' as an instant classic, only 6% felt the same way about 'The Beast Below'.

'The Eleventh Hour' has yet to receive any votes in the 'Poor' category - whilst 'The Beast Below' is considered poor by 16% of voters.

It seems like 'The Beast Below' is going to be thought of as a Marmite episode - you either love it or hate it. You can read two opposing reviews of the episode in Tony's blog.

The best way to make these polls more accurate is to get as many people to vote as possible. So if you haven't yet voted then please do. If you know anyone who would be interested in voting then please point them towards our website. The more the merrier.

I can't wait to see what you all think of 'Victory of the Daleks'.