I Am Dead by Gareth Wiles

One of membership is to have his first book published in May titled I Am Dead by the talented Gareth Wiles.

I was fortunate enough to be sent an advanced copy and having read and savoured the novel I would highly recommend it to all especially Doctor Who fans, as our show has clearly been an influence. Described as a mixture of social science fiction and psychological thriller, I Am Dead is a book that will have you hooked and at times surprised. Gareth's attention to description is wonderful bringing the characters and scene to life before the reader’s eyes. A wonderful tale of how one decision can lead to consequences, big ones...

Pick it up from the 1st of May.


I Am Dead by Gareth Wiles

Being dead is the least of his worries when he finds himself prosecuted in an ethereal court on dubious charges – and the prosecutor is his brother, Stuart. When Peter is sent to the waiting room, he re-lives his final day on Earth. We see his ambiguous relationship with his mother, who he lived alone with, and his brother Stuart and his wife Diane, who bring news of pregnancy. Peter is devastated at the news and leaves the house – only to be killed instantly.

In the courtroom Stuart and the Judge preside over Peter's fate. When his mother's love interest The Major testifies, he reveals that Peter let a young woman, Lauren, die. Peter is sent back to die in her place and restore balance – but he saves both Lauren and himself, causing a devastating change of events...