The Impossible Astronaut - Your Final Thoughts

A final round of your thoughts...

So, was the series opener of Doctor Who in company with “the legs, the nose and Mrs Robinson” any good? Yes it was. Although once again Mr Moffat has asked more questions than he has answered. I had to watch it more than once straight off as I found listening out for the series arc clues to be a full time job.

Here’s what I came up with new and old, and my own theories in answer:

1) Who is River Song? – Either an older Amy from another universe or her
baby (they did both suffer the same stomach cramps).
2) Who was in the Spacesuit that shot the Doctor? – The Doctor, that way he
gets to survive being killed. The dead Doctor possibly accompanied the
alternative universe Amy (River Song) through to ours.
3) Who are the Silence? – No idea sorry.
4) What is the significance of Amy’s pregnancy? Her baby is River Song.

Of course it’s all speculation and I’m probably completely wrong. However
way out your thinking is it’s never as complicated and twisted as
Moffat’s. The real answers will be much more fantastic and coherent.
Is it Saturday yet? I can hardly wait to find out. Bet we don’t though!

John Howe

I watched the season opener as it was screened. I had been waiting impatiently for the new season and could not have missed the earliest opportunity to see the episode.

I actually found the episode very odd. There was no feeling of roller-coaster action adventure. It was very dark and depressing. Also, while I obviously do not think that Dr Who is a children's programme, I think it should be child friendly for those younger children who want to come along for the adventures. The use of guns by everyone, especially River Song (viewer identification figure) shooting both the main astronaut and the "little girl astronaut", and the apparent permanent death of the Doctor do not seem suitable for a 6pm Bank Holiday audience. Remember the fuss there was with the censorship category of "The Movie" because of similar gun problems? The movie had to be edited to remove part of the gun involvement. We often talk of children hiding behind the sofa...this episode they could be in floods of tears instead.

As an adult I have seen enough of how script writers work to hope that there will be a plausible explanation later (next episode or end of season) as to why the Doctor isn't really permanently dead. But I feel sorry for the youngsters who do not have those thoughts yet.

I really hope episode two gives me more confidence in the new season.

Jane Evans

Once again thank you all for getting in touch and please continue to do so with your thoughts on 'Day of the Moon' coming this Saturday.