Day of the Moon - Your Thoughts

Personally I thought that Day of the Moon was something very special and a concluded (of sorts!) a thrilling opener to the new series.

Here is what you have been saying so far...

I enjoyed this for the most part. Looking back on it, it didn't really seem to answer many of the questions set up in The Impossible astronaut. It looks like most of the answers will come later and I’m looking forwards to that. It did have good points of course, the silence were very creepy and clever, they could be with us now and we wouldn't know it. Then when the little girl regenerated at the end, well who is she? There are so many possibilities and it certainly has got me hooked for the rest of the series. I enjoyed the humour as well, like when River landed in the swimming pool. A good second episode.

Kate Griffiths

So we are two episodes in already and I have been massively entertained but remain totally confused! So much has happened already - much we didn't get to see (in the second episode the ex-FBI guy seems to completely accept alien tech despite being in shock only a week ago). So already it has been like watching a series of 24 but only watching the first and middle episodes, I assume we will have an end in the autumn. And I did feel a bit patronised when at the end of the episode the Doctor says shall we sort this out or have some adventures instead - well we don't get to choose, lets hope the adventures are good so we can forget for a while that we have been left exhausted in mid-air. I don't want to fall unless the Tardis swimming pool is available for the landing!

Clive Bell

Tidied up lots of the first episode stuff nicely, but there is still a feeling of "more questions than answers" about the programme at the moment, which is getting a little wearying. But some great bits this week; the "deaths" sequence was pacy and well - handled, the idea that "defeated" the Silence (Silents?) was very good, and the episode end....ooh er!

Steve Murphy

Again, I won't risk giving anything away to fellow fans who haven't yet seen the most recent Dr. Who episode. Except that Day of the Moon's twist ending is utterly marvelous. For a Dr. Who 2-parter filmed in America, the new series couldn't do better than this. But then as the Doctor has often said, time will tell.

Mike Basil

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