The Curse of the Black Spot - Your Thoughts

Hmmm... I'm undecided on this one so far, I'm thinking good not brilliant but with a real dip in the middle.

Here though is what you thought...

Another good episode. I loved the fact that the Doctor didn’t arrive all
knowing, but gradually worked things out as he went along. The concept of the
2 ships occupying the same space in alternate dimensions was fun too. Also
the idea that any injury, however trivial is fatal was another intriguing

The BBC do the period costume drama stuff so well and this was no exception.
The ship on the ocean effects were really great too!
We were treated to another visit from “eye patch lady” with a further
random quotation that in the fullness of time will make perfect sense I’m

The story was a good one and the resolution enjoyable however again I found
that I was looking out for the “hidden gems”, those (at 1st watch)
throwaway lines that will become important later on down the story arc line.
Good casting throughout with strong performances from all and some good rip
roaring 1 liners to boot!

John Howe

An exciting story, a mysterious alien, a family drama, the power of love and a good twist to explain what's going on...The Curse Of The Black Spot works for all these reasons. With its obvious inspirations from Pirates Of The Caribbean, including the title, Dr. Who continues its tradition of paralleling other classics. The Doctor's wiping the alien mucus from his hand onto Amy's sleeve was excessive though.

The trailer for next week's episode looks very intriguing with the Doctor's possible encounter with another surviving Time Lord. There's a lot of speculation by fans as to whether it's Omega or the Valeyard. I guessed it might be the Black Guardian except he's not a Time Lord. The image of that mysterious woman in Amy's vision with the eyepatch is a resolution, aside from the little girl, I look most forward to. And there's also of course whether Amy is indeed pregnant. I hope that will be revealed soon.

Mike Basil

I enjoyed this episode it had a lighter feel to it after the opening two parter. It felt like I didn't need to concentrate as much, but that's no insult. The setting on the pirate ship worked well. The siren was very good, it was quite atmospheric on the ship with no where to hide. I thought it was good what the siren actually was in the end, the fact that she thought she was actually helping rather than hurting anyone was nice. Wouldn't have liked to meet her when she is angry though! I loved the Doctor's line when he said she's stirring the sauce and grating the cheese. Yes the whole thing was a bit cliched, but was good escapist fun.

Kate Griffiths

I liked it. Ingenious use of "standard" pirate stuff, a yarn that rattled along and didn't always go where you expected it to. But having said that, the explanation was a little sci-fi formulaic, and I'm still wondering where one of the crew disappeared to....

The "mystery woman at the door" is obviously going to be a runner, and The Doctor clearly knows more than he's letting on, given his looks at Amy now and again. And again. And again. This, of course, is something that has been rumbling through pretty much since they met, and I presume is part of the overall resolution. There are also still outstanding questions regarding Rory, as from this season's dialogue, things didn't just "go back into place" after the Pandorica/TARDIS explosion, and so what exactly is Rory Williams? Human? Nestene construct?

Back at "The Black Spot", though; a nice little episode; though I am getting fed up of having to mention Matt Smith's diction. I know this Doctor is meant to be a babbler, but I have actually had to ask "what did he say?", or even run stuff over again far too many times now....

Steve Murphy

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