The Doctor's Wife - Your Thoughts

Neil Gaiman, cultural genius delivers us Doctor Who of the very highest standing - simply one of the best I thought and here is what you have said so far...

The Doctor's Wife is a beautifully heartbreaking story which reminds us why the new Who is succeeding. Because it makes the Doctor more humanistically identifiable than the classic series did. Seeing the TARDIS in a humanoid female form is as ingeniously creative as Dr. Who can be.

We have yet to see how the rest of Season 6 will unfold. But The Doctor's Wife convinces me that this is the best season so far in the new Who. I give my congratulations to Matt Smith on one of his best performances as the 11th Doctor.

Mike Basil

I really enjoyed that, the TARDIS having a body was a good idea. Ideal as the Doctor's Wife. It just confirms what a special bond the Doctor has with his TARDIS. Also put a different slant on things when the TARDIS said it had chosen the Doctor. I like how it made the Doctor seem quite innocent where relationships are concerned, like when Amy was teasing him about the TARDIS being the woman, and he hadn't thought of it like that. Then he got upset that he would never be able to hear the TARDIS speak again aww. Not had a story set quite so much in the TARDIS for a while, was nice to see the old control room too. All in all a good episode.

Kate Griffiths

Magnificent! Not just the best episode of the series so far but one of the best since the show returned! The idea of transferring the soul of the TARDIS into a person to explore the relationship between Time Lord and craft was inspired. Superb performances all round but the "mad bitey lady" Suranne Jones takes the honours this week. If the standard stays this high then we could be in for one of the best
series of Doctor Who on record and judging by the trailer for next weeks episode I'd say we were right on track. Good to see the Ood back too. Love an Ood!!!!

John Howe

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