The Rebel Flesh - Your Thoughts

After two viewings I can now say I enjoyed The Rebel Flesh! I seemed to have missed several key points the first time around, as for me the story seemed to flit around a lot and the one-line explanations were easily missed. The eeriness of the setting was great though and the conclusion has set up a second part of action as the Humans and the Flesh go to War…

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I have to say I didn't much like The Rebel Flesh. There didn't seem to be much of a story to it, even when the Doctor at the end was one of the Gangers it was hardly a surprise as he had made contact with the Flesh. It wasn't all bad the setting was atmospheric in the monastery tunnels and the Gangers looked good. I don't know it just seemed very pedestrian. Maybe The Almost People will make me change my mind.

Kate Griffiths

It is difficult to sum up feelings about a two part episode, because until part two is shown thoughts are not complete. This episode demanded attention but if you gave it attention all the plot events and twists were completely telegraphed, so it didn't actually surprise. It baffled my Mum and probably the youngsters too and didn't grab the hard core. However what I thought was great about it was Rory. Finally he is more than Mr Pond. I think we are now ready for a proper Amy and Rory two hander to see how they fair without the Doctor.

Clive Robert Bell

I am sorry but I found I just could not get into this episode. I was sitting trying to concentrate as normal, but I found I did not care about any of the characters, real or ganger. I forced myself to watch out of loyalty but I had an overreaching feeling that I did not care what happened to anyone. I've tried to work out what specific factors were creating this feeling of detachment, but I cannot put my finger on the cause. Perhaps not enough time was given to introducing the characters and making them seem important to us? The real workers came over as just as bland as the duplicates. I do not think it was the fault of the acting, I think it was lack of detail in the writing. Also, I did not believe in major manufacturing in a monastery. (I do not remember any explanation being given). Realistically it should be in a large factory somewhere. Has anyone any suggestions why exactly the economy needed them to manufacture endless quantities of acid running such Health and Safety and environmental risks? Did I miss this being explained?

The "Confidential" was much more interesting than the episode. It was fascinating to learn about the castles used and the steps taken to film in them.

Jane Evans

A very dark and foreboding feel to this weeks episode. It’s Doctor Who does Frankenstein again (The Brain of Morbius was so good that it has a lot to live up to) and even though it was set in a monastery it was filmed in a castle so it certainly looked the part. There was quite a lot going on this week, The Doctor was being a bit shifty trying to drop his companions off for chips so he could sort this one out on his own. He also mentioned that the flesh was an early version of something and Rory seemed to have an affinity for Jennifer. This left me wondering if we were seeing an early form of the great intelligence and the conception of a form of auton. That’s just my wild speculation but isn’t that what Doctor Who does best? Fire our imaginations? I’m sure it’s also just a bit too obvious for Mr Moffat to show us a (dopple) ganger version of the Doctor whilst teasing us at the top of the series with the apparent death of the main character. The answers are never that straightforward are they! This was an episode that challenged your viewpoint of who the badies are and I did feel genuine sympathy for both sets of characters. Another good episode but one that gets stronger the more you watch it. I liked it the 1st time round but after a couple more watches I loved it.

John Howe

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