The Almost People - Your Thoughts

Jelly Babies, Cybermats and a hell of an ending! Oh... and somewhere in-between a very good conclusion to an excellent two-parter.

Here is what you have said so far about The Almost People:

In my mind it was a massive improvement over The Rebel Flesh. I really enjoyed it, the two Doctor's were good and provided a bit of light relief in what was at times a quite dark episode. The good thing was it did make me feel for the Gangers, especially when I saw the pile of discarded ones. It was nice when they all worked together. The setting remained atmospheric throughout, almost a base under siege story, which I have to admit is one of my favourite sorts. Then that ending what is going on? Very intriguing. So much more to come.
Kate Griffiths

The Almost People was almost good, but I voted it average. The playful Doctors were great fun and the attempt at some morals was interesting. Unfortunately it didn't develop the promise of more Rory at all, it got very confusing and worst of all left lots of ends "to be continued". My 9 year old niece was confused and scared. Scared is OK, confused is unforgivable. I am going to have to watch it again because I am sure the continuity with The Sonic wasn't right! To be honest it left me wanting a good old fashion story with no series arc. That is really disappointing, Matt Smith is just "so the Doctor", he could do without all the complicated nonsense going on to spoil his performance.
Clive Robert Bell

Well it was all about the last 5 minutes with this one wasn’t it. Now we know why the TARDIS scanner couldn’t tell for sure if Amy was pregnant and who the eye patch lady is. The Amy travelling with the Doctor for the last few episodes was an almost person and the eye patch lady is her midwife. What a twist! I never saw that coming. This sets things up nicely for the mid season finale which from what I have read (no spoilers, I prefer to wait for my surprises) sounds very exciting. As for the bulk of “The Almost People”, well it was a good solid story that tied up all of its ends satisfactorily. I liked the fact that the story challenged who the villain of the piece was and that the characters seemed to go through their own personal struggles with the situation. The CGI Jennifer beast was good too with the human-ish head on the body of a monster reminding me a bit of the Lazarus creature from series 3. The real joy of this episode was the 2 Doctors. Matt Smith playing off of Matt Smith with superb timing. Do we need any more convincing of just how perfect a choice Smith was for the part? He is obviously enjoying the script and this blazes through in his performance. Brilliant stuff. 7 out of 10 for the story. 10 out of 10 for Matt Smith.
John Howe

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