A Good Man Goes to War - Your Thoughts

That was it then the mid-season finale and now the wait begins…

This episode came with a lot of hype and the promise of a ‘game-changing’ ending and to honest I am not sure it lived up to or delivered either. That said I did really enjoy it and just think that the pre-amble to the episodes transmission put too much pressure on what was still a very clever, entertaining and very funny episode. I don’t think I was the only one that saw the River revolution coming towards the end but still the build-up and side-steps added to the drama of the reveal nicely. It will be interesting to see how the second half of this season develops in regards to the characters we met and to the answering of the many questions this episode presented. Finally a mention for Murray Gold as I thought the music to this episode was his best work yet.

Enough of me though, this is what you have been saying…

I can't quite make my mind up about A Good Man Goes to War. I've only watched it once so far and can't remember that much about it. It certainly had some very good elements, like the Doctor arriving in his usual style, and the headless monks were really good. The revelation at the end that River Song was Amy and Rory's daughter wasn't much of a surprise by then. But there had been hints all through the episode like that soldier had met the Doctor before in the Forest. The Doctors reactions around Amy, Rory and Melody were well thought out, he still had his alien qualities, and you could believe he isn't human. It was nice when he gave Melody his old crib and that he could speak baby. It was nice to see all the old monsters again, a Sontaran nurse though! Well I think I've made my mind up now I really liked it.

Kate Griffiths

The series mid season finale has now been and gone, so how was it for you? I certainly enjoyed it but I did feel like I was watching part 3 of a 4 parter. Some questions have been answered but not all and a few more have been asked. Typical Moffat Doctor Who really! I have had my suspicions about who River Song was for a while now so it was good to finally put that one to bed. I also enjoyed the epic feel of the episode. In many ways the first 15 minutes was like watching a Star Wars movie. The pace of the cuts, the CGI ships coming and going and the gradual build to the entrance of the hero was all good stuff and reminded me of days gone by in front of the big screen in the company of Obi Wan Kenobi and pals. I loved the Doctor’s raggedy army of the disgraced Sontaran, the lone crime fighting Silurian et al. There was also a good deal of humour to be had amongst the drama. My favourite being the Stevie Wonder joke, very naughty Mr Moffat! So story wise we are a bit further on and it’s certainly engaging television. My only big criticism was that there wasn’t enough Cyber action. The Cyberman bit at the beginning was superb and the pre-transmission build up had me thinking that we were in for a full on Cyber romp so I was a little disappointed that they didn’t feature more heavily. Roll on the Autumn and series 6 part 2!

John Howe

Better than other episodes this season (which I found uninspiring), the final episode had some clever bits, mainly the word play on the baby's name. But there was much I found difficult to understand even after two watches. Some bits seemed unnecessary time-fillers (the Sontaran nurse for example). And some aspects seemed to be purposely and obviously anti-religion. It was ok last season with the church fighting the evil, dangerous Stone Angels, but to have the church "set-up" cutting off its own people’s heads and fighting against the Doctor (who the story says is the one good man) is very upsetting. (If it was some less forgiving religion that Mr Moffatt was misrepresenting, he would probably find himself facing some very obvious and unpleasant opposition.

I'll be watching the next half season only in the hope that the stories improve and become more like traditional Who stories.Will my hope pay off or will actuality prove a disappointment?

Jane Evans

Drivel. Sorry. Over-hype is leading to a collapse in quality as the series becomes more and more fixated on US - style "teaser - heavy" shows such as "Lost", "Heroes" or "Flashforward". All shows, I must note, which appeared to get cancelled before their true "end". The episodes in this first "half" of series 6 that have fared best have been the ones when there has been little or no "arc" development. That should be a clue. I feel Steven Moffat has provided us with some of the best scripts since the show returned in the 21st century. All of them before he became the show runner. I'm really not enjoying his vision of the "Whoniverse", something that both surprises and saddens me.

Steve Murphy

Once again thanks to all those that have taken the time to write in so far this season and I hope to hear from you all again later in the year when the show returns with the intriguing titled Let's Kill Hitler(!)