I Am Your Soldier

Have you seen the clips on the BBC website? If not, it's worth a look. Nick Briggs is doing the voices again and he is clearly emulating The Power of the Daleks and the 'I am Your Soldier' bit. It looks good.

That aside, for some reason I have a few doubts about this one. I don't know why really. It was made early on in the production run, at the same time as The Beast below. I thought that Matt and Karen were both still finding their feet in that one and as such i think this might be the same. I also think that the whole subject matter is one that needs to be handled very carefully - the war itself and of course Winston Churchill, a man that many still hold in great awe. If they get this one wrong it is not going to go down well...

But I am sure they won't!

As always we look forward to your feedback and also your votes in our online poll. You can still vote for The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below by following the front page links, and Victory of the Daleks will appear just as soon as possible after broadcast.

Now that last point raises an issue - the show is on BBC1 at the usual time but does not air on BBC HD until much later this evening. So... do I watch it straight away on BBC1 or wait for the HD broadcast. If you are an HD viewer then you have the same dilemma. Let me know what you do...

Only really 'keen' fans worry about these kinds of things.