Let's Kill Hiter - Your Thoughts (Updated)

So it's back, though it doesn't really feel likes its been away!

On first viewing I'm not sold on this episode, some elements I like but more I didnt to be honest.

Here though is what you have been saying:

I quite enjoyed it, even if it asked more questions than it answerd as per usual! River Song stole the show though she was so funny, and has obviously always been a rebel. I like how the Doctor shaped her into who she is to become and gave her book for spoilers. It was an unusual idea for there to be people going back in history to kill and torment dictators etc. I wonder if they will make an apperance again at the time of the Doctor's death. It certainly makes you want to keep watching every week.

Kate Griffiths

Two words for me to discribe Let's Kill Hitler: Beautifully unpredictable. And that's how I like to enjoy Dr. Who. Without giving a smidgeon of anything away, you couldn't ask for a better conclusion to Melody/River's revelation than this. Even for all the understandable buzz about Hitler's role in the story, as well as some of the traditional Whoniversal extravagance my mom often complains about, Let's Kill Hitler is perfect for giving fans enough to want to see where Who goes from here. Silence has yet to fall.

Mike Basil

I really enjoyed lets Kill Hitler, the pace and light hearted approach felt good to get us back into the adventure. In fact the only thing I think lets it down is the fact it so much a part of the melody pond saga. You couldn't watch and enjoy it as a stand alone episode. I am really looking forward to the rest of the season and the conclusion, but I do have a nagging doubt because this season more than any before feels a little like "The Trial of a Timelord" just when you are enjoying it the most, the story-arc pops up and hits you in the face - objection!

Clive Robert Bell

Let’s Kill Hitler, a Doctor Who title that doesn’t do exactly what it says on the tin.

I wasn’t sure about this one first time round but after a couple more watches it all fell into place nicely in a Moffatt grand scheme of things way. Overall I liked it but it did feel like part 2 of a 3 parter and I did have a few small issues with it.

There were some great gags at the expense of Mr Hitler but I just couldn’t see the need for the trip to Nazi Germany in 1939, apart from ramming home the point that River/Melody, whilst standing in the same room as arguably one of the worlds most evil men is still the top target for the Justice Department. Having said that the sets were wonderful and the “Shut up Hitler” line almost made it worth while.

I was also a little confused by why the Tesselator was filled with belligerent machine antibodies whose job it was simply to wipe out the crew for wearing the wrong colour watch.

There was also much to enjoy though. I liked the fast paced introduction of Mels and the idea that Amy and Rory did get an opportunity to bring up their daughter after all was a nice touch. Alex Kingston was also on good form and made the most of the new/old direction that her character was afforded. The regulars were all top drawer with special mention reserved for Arthur Darvill who is now getting almost an equal share of the one liners with Matt Smith.

All things said it was a good solid opener for the 2nd half of the 2011 series.

Saturdays are worth staying in for again. Welcome back Doctor Who, I’ve missed you!!

John Howe

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