Night Terrors - Your Thoughts

I really enjoyed that, dark and disturbing in a very good way and it seems you agree...

I loved this episode. To me it's the epitome of what Doctor Who is about. Being scared of monsters as a child, adults trying to tell you there's no such things. Wouldn't we all have liked the Doctor to come and sort our monsters out for us as kids. I thought it was a fairly straighforward story, well told, which isn't a criticsm far from it. I don't think there is anybody who wouldn't be able to relate to it. All I can say is I'm glad I'm not still a kid as that would have given me nightmares for weeks.

Kate Griffiths

We have an episode named straight after a disturbing childhood affliction. We have alien monsters that scare you on the spot by swallowing an elderly lady through a pile of garbage bags. And we have Amy and Rory plummeting in an elevator to the heart of the evil. In short, we have Who scare tactics at their best since the gothic horror days of the classic series. And it was written by Mark Gatiss who proved his talent for Who horror with Liz Shaw's PROBE cases. It's when the Doctor says "Because George's monsters are real!" that we know Night Terrors will be one of the new Who's best.

Who has always had the ability to make alien horrors tolerable enough for children by making it all seem clearly unreal. And we have Matt Smith's comedic weight. The ending reminds us that there's no greater wonder than a child when loved. Especially in the Whoniverse.

Mike Basil

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