Colin Baker - a member speaks for us all!

John Howe has sent the following email, and I think it very much sums up the general feeling within not only the Society, but also Fandom at large.

"Congratulations to Colin Baker on being named the new Honorary President of DWAS!

When I logged onto the DWAS website and saw that a vote was to be held, my initial thought was that Colin Baker was the perfect man for the job so I was delighted that his name was amongst the nominees and I wasted no time in casting my vote in his favour.

I was fortunate enough to have obtained tickets to the Day of the Daleks DVD launch day at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, and when Colin was announced as the winner and made a surprise appearance the response was incredible. The entire theatre exploded with an extended round of applause demonstrating that with 53% of the vote he was an extremely popular choice. He was clearly touched.

Colin has tirelessly promoted and supported the show in past years and continues to do so. I have met him on a good few occasions and he is always warm, kind and generous with his time. A true ambassador for our show and thoroughly deserving of his appointment.

I salute you Mr President! Long may you reign!"