The Girl Who Waited - Your Thoughts

New Who likes to do emotion and this time I thought it did well.

Here are some of your thoughts...

I honestly thought it was a load of sentimental claptrap. I really didn't find myself enjoying it at all. I don't really know why it just didn't gel at all. The aged Amy was good but that's the best thing I have to say about it.

Kate Griffiths

Considering Amy's first wait for the Doctor from childhood to adulthood, this episode with its most practical title couldn't be more faithful to the Amy Pond we've come to know and love. The sci-fi plot twist has been used countless times. But Dr. Who makes it work in The Girl Who Waited the way it has with every recycled sci-fi plot. By simply adapting it to the Whoniverse and reminding us why the love story of Amy and Rory is pivotal for the 11th Doctor. In light of Season 6, it's hard to imagine how Dr. Who could continue beyond the 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory and River. When the 12th Doctor materializes with new companions, his era may be as challenged as each Doctor in the classic series was following Tom Baker's era. We'll see soon enough.

The Girl Who Waited is another Whoniversal winner. Next week we'll see what The God Complex will have in store for us.

Mike Basil

See you next week for The God Complex...