The God Complex - Your Thoughts (Updated)

Fears, faith and a mention of the Nimon!... I really enjoyed that.

Here is what you have said so far...

If there's one tradition that never shows any sign of diminishing in Dr. Who, it's the dramatic heartbreak of farewells between the Doctor and companions. Now in The God Complex we've seen this tradition in the form of Amy and Rory parting ways with the Doctor. The reasons may always be repeatable with companions finding the dangers of the Doctor's adventures ultimately unbearable. Or with the Doctor and a specific companion becoming so close that he can't bear the risk of losing her to the dangers of his adventures. Or companions must simply move on or return to their native roots. In any case we can always count on good drama for Dr. Who.

The God Complex earns its place among traditional episodes from Part 4 of The Hand Of Fear to Doomsday and Journey's End. And again we're faced with future companions and how their dramas will unfold. This furthers the outlook for the Doctor's last regeneration (and of course he has only two more) and whoever his last companions will be. Not that I for one am already thinking that far ahead. But fanfilms like A Survivor's Triangle with concepts for a 13th Doctor and a final female companion show that some fans are realistic about it.

Mike Basil

I fairly liked this story, the creature feeding on peoples fears and beliefs was good. I just can't help but think though that the episode was written around the bigger picture of what is going to happen between the Doctor, Amy and Rory. It was all about Amy loosing her faith in the Doctor, and him realising that for her own good he has to leave her, which was good I admit. But there just don't seem to be enough stand alone stories. The bigger arc seems to be getting in the way. Next year it would be nice not to have a big arc running through. It's like they try to make it bigger and better every year, which I can understand why. To me this series seems to be taking it too far. Still a good episode.

Kate Griffiths

Well The God Complex was much better than last weeks episode where it wasn't just the girl who waited but all of us who waited for something to happen. But I have to say the the last three episodes have all been far too similar for me. Mysterious unreal location, lots of wondering around with strange characters. Was there just one idea given to three different writers? Also David W. was just a usual David W. character. I am looking forward to next week, it promises a lot, I hope it delivers.

Clive Bell

I found the use of the hotel setting very spooky. I have always thought of Who in hotels with long corridors that all look alike, and at last the series used this factor. All the acting was brilliant and the switch fromfear to faith was a good surprise. The Doctor breaking Amy's faith was very reminiscent of the Doctor breaking Ace's faith in Curse of Fenric. Perhaps there could have been a bit more explanation of what the monster was as what we were told was a bit rushed.

Jane Evans

Thanks again to the above and I look forward to hearing what you make of next week's episode which sees the return of Craig and the Cybermen!!