Closing Time - Your Thoughts (Updated)

A good tale with the Cybermen tagged onto it... fun though!

Here it what you think...

Well that was better. Closing Time gave us what we have been missing these last few weeks. It was warm and funny, scary and exciting. If only it didn't have to have the River Song scenes to lead into next week. Without them it would be a great episode to watch any time. James and Matt really work well together and I hope they do more together who or otherwise. Let us hope the final episode is satisfying otherwise we will be feeling about our beloved programme the way we felt about Torchwood: Miracle Day - not good!

Clive Robert Bell

I enjoyed that one, it was basically about friendship - between the Doctor and Craig, and love between Craig and his son and the Doctor and Amy. The Cybermen were just a good aside. I laughed at the baby talk between the Doctor and Alfie. Amy's perfume was clever too. It was a bit of a sentimental episode but without going over the top.Good. Roll on next week, when we finally get some answers.

Kate Griffiths

Closing Time serves for obvious reasons: the return of the Cybermen (thought not with much of a story for them) and Cybermats, the return of a friendly face and another sample of how greatly conflicted the Doctor's existence has become in the new Who. It ends with as the Doctor preparing for the confrontation in The Wedding Of River Song with what may be the ultimate end. With Season 7 set to be delayed until next autumn and the chance of Who's decades-overdue leap to the big screen next summer, the questionability of the Doctor's future and all his conflicts still has plenty of story potential in sight.

Closing Time as a penultimate story for Season 6 is a pretty good one, even if not one of the best for the Cybermen. As another opportunity for Matt Smith to shine as the Doctor, it's certainly worth viewing figures.

Mike Basil

I and friends were really looking forward to the return of the CYBERMEN , real Dr Who. But what a disappointment! They were only there five minutes, posed no threat, were not powerful and were easily overcome.

Mostly it was a sitcom about Matt Smith, James Corden and a baby. Maybe there's a place on TV for a new sitcom with Matt and James (maybe it would be good) but NOT in Who.

Again this season there is a repeated idea........... aliens in a department store........ Rose or Closing Time.

In my opinion it was a very disappointing story...not Dr Who at all. My husband said it was a load of rubbish. Actually he did not use the word rubbish but I could not put the word he used on a family website.

Please let next episode be better!

Jane Evans

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