The Wedding of River Song - Your Thoughts

So that's it all done with and I have to say I really enjoyed it, I guessed the ending but in all a fun episode that answered most (!) questions and included a lovely mention of the Brig too.

Here are your comments so far...

The best way I can sum up The Wedding Of River Song is: Complex, convoluted and satisfying. The twist ending is another of Dr. Who's best. The news for the Doctor of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's death is respectfully written by Steven Moffat and acted by Matt Smith. And the closing revelation for the most forbidden question in the universe is an affirmation that there's still an abundance of great Dr. Who stories yet to come. For now I just hope that this year's Christmas special will have a more substantial story than last year's. No offense to fans who enjoyed A Christmas Carol including my nephew.

Mike Basil

I really enjoyed it. Finally got some answers to the questions. It was quite funny at times too. Like the Pond, Amy, Pond. Then when she realised the Doctor was her son in law! But it was also sad when the Doctor learned that the Brigadier had died. Was it a tribute to him that he was mentioned in a story when everyone was wearing eyepatches? It was also quite scary in places with the cave of skulls (good name for an episode title that)! Still not sure who the silence are exactly.

I have thought at times this series that the story arc was too much the focus, to the detriment of certain episodes. But I have been forced to eat my words to some degree, as the pay off was rather good. All in all I enjoyed it.

Kate Griffiths

Ultimately I was disappointed with this final episode. I was unavoidably out when it aired live so didn't watch it until 11pm and was really looking forward to some escapism after a long day. Well I certainly got that, we seemed to be in cloud cuckoo land for half the episode and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

It was visually fun with a look and feel that at one time could only be done in comic books and if we had never before faced a timey wimey problem this would have been a very interesting premise for the story. Trouble is I found that I had forgotten most of the little plot points that I was waiting to be concluded and I was struggling to keep up. I also felt that if the only way the story could be explained was in narrative, I would have rather have been reading a book than watching it on television.

There were some very nice touches; the Doctor being told that the Brigadier was dead was great, especially as it convinced the Doctor that some things are inevitable - although perhaps by the end they were not! Those other characters appearing was nice, but David Tennant did that to death and we already knew Matt Smith was back for Christmas – I suppose though the stories could take place in all those years between the events
this season. Amy and Rory were fab, but there was very little fun or joy in the story apart from the blue talking head... another face of boe?

Clive Robert Bell

Thank you again and please feel free to send in your reviews of the season as a whole.

See you for the Christmas Special then...