Overnight Ratings

So Victory of the Daleks got 6.45 million which, as second placed show on TV yesterday is a superb result even if the actual numbers are down. I have always felt that being shown in the spring means that Doctor Who is going to produce mis-leading overnight figures. The final consolidated results for The Eleventh Hour - at over 10 million, would seem to confirm that. It has been pointed out to me that the final figures for The Eleventh Hour are better than the overnights for the ITV1 Leader's Debate!

I am still not sure about this episode, and our poll so far seems to confirm the membership is split too. I did not like the 'flippant' approach to the second world war scenario and to Churchill himself. I thought Amy's attitude towards Churchill was not on, and as for those new Daleks - ok I HATE them. What were they thinking? Ray Cusick lives near me and I might write and ask him what he thinks - though I think I can guess.

I didn't dislike the whole episode but this one comes bottom of my list so far, for a number of different reasons.