Time 5

Thank you to everyone who came along to Riverside Studios yesterday and supported us - if people do not come along there is little point in organising an event!

I hope that everyone enjoyed Invasion of the Dinosaurs episode 1 - the colour was much better than I was expecting and the UNIT Box Set which will feature it in January should be well worth having.

As Karen explained at the close of play this was our last 'Time' event for the foreseeable future. Whist we enjoyed the day there has been a marked drop in attendance since the heights of 2009 and 'Time and Again'. With lots of events available, from big signings at Olympia and the NEC to other events similar to ours, the market is a saturated one, and we are quitting before we are squeezed out.

Having said that, there will be other events for you from us in 2012! We are not going away!