CT 401/2

Celestial Toyroom issue 401/2 is being mailed out now, a bit later than planned -sorry about that. In an attempt to see if we can produce the current CT for a lower price, or get more pages for the same money, this issue has, as a bit of an experiment, been produced using digital/laser printing as opposed to the usual offset litho. I would appreciate feedback from members as to whether this method of production is one we should pursue in future.

I have already concluded (whilst being the only person to have seen it!) that the cover to CT 401/2 is not what we want, and we will not produce it in this format, on this weight of paper again. However the interior pages whilst not being of litho quality are not bad at all. It is the members magazine so your feedback is important - ct@dwasonline.co.uk This method of production is much cheaper but equally nobody wants CT to look like a hand stapled 'parish magazine'. Your magazine - your views