The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe Overnight Ratings

The overnight ratings for the Christmas special are in, and they are very good indeed.

Doctor who was watched by an average of 8.9 million people at the time of broadcast. This made it the third most popular programme of the day beaten only by EastEnders with 9.9 million and Coronation Street that managed a few more with 9.3 million viewers.

ITV1's big Christmas offering, 'Downton Abbey' came in fourth place, behind the Doctor, with 8.1 million.

The audience share for Doctor Who was also high at 34.2%

These are of course only the initial figures, reflecting people who watched at the time of broadcast or immediately afterwards. The consolidated figures due in the next two weeks will take into acocunt timeshift viewing (ie recording it and watching later) and downloads via the iPlayer.

You can see more about the ratings and Doctor Who's relative performance at

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