The UNIT Files DVD

At the last minute we have been able to arrange some signed DVDs for the above release. This box set is a double DVD set with 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' and 'The Android Invasion', the former containing the re-colourised episode 1 that was seen at 'Time 5' in October.

2Entertain only confirmed that we could have the covers today so I think it best to say that these will not go out until w/c 23rd January, to avoid disappointing anyone.

There is a discount available for DWAS members.

We do not have that many covers coming so if you would like one it might be best not to hang about (best salesman's head on there!). Please click 'Merchandise' above.

'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' episode 1 has the distinction of bring the only Pertwee era Doctor Who story to have been lost from the archive until it's recovery as a black and white tele-recording (by Ian Levine) in 1983. The version on the DVD whilst not perfect, and certainly not up to the standard of the re-colourised 'Planet of the Daleks' episode 3 for example, is nonetheless perfectly watchable. It was fine on the big screen at Riverside Studios and so should look pretty good on our TVs at home.