Red and yellow and pink and green. Purple and orange and SUPREME!

Well... aren't they colourful?!

Firstly I'd once again like to thank all of you that have taken the time to vote in our poll. Please encourage as many people as possible to take part - the results are very interesting.

It is only Tuesday but as I write this 88 people have already voted in our 'Victory of the Daleks' poll. So far the results suggest that opinion is mixed - even more so than for 'The Beast Below'. Perhaps this weeks question should have been 'How do you rate the new Daleks?' If enough people are interested in polls of that nature (in addition to our episode polls of course) then we'll start creating them. If you have any suggestions or comments about our polls, or any other aspect of our fledgling website then please contact me on or by using our contact form.

So today I thought that I'd do a bit of basic number crunching on the results so far. Obviously people are still voting and the numbers will change - but these figures are correct as of this moment.

The following figures give points out of 10 for each episode. Since they are based on the poll results you might consider these a sort of DWAS appreciation index. They give a feel for how each episode has been received.

The Eleventh Hour: 8.1
The Beast Below: 6.7
Victory of the Daleks: 6.4

Make of them what you will.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,