Arthur Darvill Gets the Gay Times Fashion Treatment

Arthur Darvill features on the cover of this month's GT as this news release explains:

GT Magazine – Arthur Darvill Exclusive

In 2010 Arthur Darvill became the eleventh Doctor’s companion, Rory Williams, in the television series Doctor Who.

This month, GT meets Arthur for the second time to give him his first proper fashion shoot and he gives GT exclusive highlights of his series finale and what lies ahead for the never-ending Rory.

Arthur spills on working with the Daleks:

“It feels right, it’s really easy to forget that you’re doing Doctor Who, because you’re just kind of doing it, but then I turn up to work and there’s loads of Daleks everywhere. It’s like, oh, right, this is what I imagined it would be like. I’ve had quite a few where I’ve started talking to them and you realise there’s not actually anyone in it, I’m just talking to a piece of plastic…”

On leaving Doctor Who at the same time as co-star Karen Gillan:

“I think the worst thing to do would be to outstay your welcome on a thing like this. We were both very keen to do a really good chunk of time on it and get the best out of it that we could. We’re pushing it to a peak and then we’ll leave it there.”

Arthur’s finale:

“It’s amazing, when we were discussing how we were leaving, Steven [Moffat, producer and head honcho] just said, “you’re going to go out on a bang.” And it’s more than that, it’s brilliant. The last scene we did properly was – it was really nice actually – it was the three of us going into the TARDIS at the end of an episode.”

And speaking about his future in West End show Our Boys:

“We all met up on Monday to do a publicity photoshoot for that, all in army gear. Everyone else had these really sharp uniforms and I was in cold weather gear, so I had a shirt, a polo neck, a jumper, a massive jacket on the hottest day of the year!”

As if that’s not enough, before he goes on stage in the, during the day he’s filming a drama for ITV, Broadchurch, written by Dr. Who scriptwriter Chris Chibnall and starring former Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

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