It's a long story... and I don't know most of it!

I really enjoyed "The Time of Angels". I enjoyed its humour, its tension, its atmosphere... its everything.

You wont be surprised then that when I voted in our poll I chose the "Instant classic" option.

After voting I did the usual Saturday evening round of phone calls. Everyone that I spoke to liked the episode. However, many of them said something along the following lines:

"I'll need to see next week's episode before deciding if it's a classic or not."

They are right of course. How can we judge a story that we haven't seen all of? Of course, when I voted I was judging the episode that I had just seen and not the story as a whole. Other people have voted for an option in the middle of the list to allow for next week's episode falling short of their expectations.

So, here is my plan. For the rest of the season I will create polls, as I have been doing, to judge reactions to each episode. Once the season has ended I will then run a poll for the entirety of this story (and any other multi-part stories that there may or may not be - no spoilers here) to see if the complete story is considered a classic.

For those of you following along at home - here are the current DWAS AI scores out of 10 for each episode so far:

The Eleventh Hour: 8.10
The Beast Below: 6.70
Victory of the Daleks: 6.12
The Time of Angels: 8.18

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