Century Falls and Dark Season

Whilst browsing through Amazon (well what else is there to do on a Saturday apart from wait for Doctor Who?) I was very pleased to see that the 1990s children's series 'Century Falls' and 'Dark Season' have been released on DVD by the BBC. Both of course are from the pen of RTD and are, in my humble view, some of the finest children's TV of their era. The real surprise for me is that they came out on DVD in 2006 and I hadn't picked it up - and it's not as though I haven't been looking!

Century Falls is my favourite of the two. You'll see lots of familiar faces there including Mary Wimbush (Lavina Smith in K9 and Co), Eileen Way (Unearthly Child and the second Daleks film) and Bernard Kay (Dalek Invasion of Earth, Colony in Space).

Century Falls also features examples of RTD's recycling of character names, with the two elderly sisters who run the village shop and Post Office being 'The Harkness Sisters'. RTD does that quite a lot and you will often find character names re-used across many of the things he has written.

Well worth £6-99 of your money