50th Anniversary Poll - full results and some analysis

Following on from the announcements of our 50th Anniversary Poll results, I thought it might be interesting to look at them in a little more detail. So here are the top ten, rather than top five, in each category, followed by a little bit of analysis of, and comparisons with, the outcome of our last survey – The Great Gap Year Poll – which took place in 2009.

Favourite Doctor

1. Tom Baker
2. David Tennant
3. Patrick Troughton
4. Matt Smith
5. Jon Pertwee
6. William Hartnell
7. Sylvester McCoy
8. Peter Davison
9. Colin Baker
10. Christopher Eccleston

There can be no doubt that Tom is the Guv’nor, and has been for a very long time - his moving appearance in "The Day of the Doctor" can only help cement this. David Tennant’s legacy sees him move up from 4th to 2nd, with the Mighty Trout just being pipped for runner up and moving down one place. Matt Smith enters at number 4, meaning that Pert drops to 5th. Of the rest the biggest move, and one I personally find really surprising, sees Eccleston drop from 6th to 10th.

Favourite Story

1. The Talons of Weng Chiang
2. The Caves of Androzani
3. Genesis of the Daleks
4. City of Death
5. Blink
6. Pyramids of Mars
7. Human Nature
8. Inferno
9. The Doctor’s Wife
10. Remembrance of the Daleks

This is the category with the big changes. Four years ago The Deadly Assassin was voted Favourite Story. This time it doesn’t even make the Top Ten. Talons and Caves both move up one place, while Genesis & City both jump 2. Three new entries into the Top Ten for “Nu Who” stories means that Remembrance drops from 4th to 10th.

Favourite Companion

1. Sarah Jane Smith
2. Donna Noble
3. Ace
4. Jamie McCrimmon
5. Leela
6. Romana II
7. Jo Grant
8. Rose Tyler
9. Amy Pond
10. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart

The top 2 are exactly as they were 4 years ago. Romana II drops from 3rd to 6th,which allows Ace to move up one please to 3rd, Jamie from 6th to 4th while Leela remains 5th. Rose and Amy appear for the first time.

Favourite Monster

1. Daleks
2. Cybermen
3. Weeping Angels
4. Zygons
5. Ice Warriors
6. Sontarans
7. The Master
9. Davros
10. Silurians

The increasing use of the Weeping Angels sees them storm up to 3rd; otherwise it’s mostly as you were. The top 2 are – well – the top 2, while there’s one place movement amongst most of the others. The Silence are, however, a significant new entry at number 8.

Favourite Writer

1. Robert Holmes
2. Steven Moffat
3. Russell T Davies
4. Terrance Dicks
5. Douglas Adams
6. Malcolm Hulke
7. Terry Nation
8. David Whitaker
9. Neil Gaiman
10. Paul Cornell

The top 3 are unchanged. Terry Nation drops from 4th to 7th, while Chris Boucher disappears altogether. Support for Uncle Terrance grows and Neil Gaiman makes his first appearance.

Favourite Director

1. Graeme Harper
2. Douglas Camfield
3. David Maloney
4. Euros Lynn
5. Toby Haynes
6. Barry Letts
7. Nick Hurran
8. Peter Grimwade
9. Michael E Briant
10. Christopher Barry

Another case of no change at the top; indeed the top 4 positions are the same as in 2009. Joe Ahearne drops out, allowing some adjustments further down.