Tom MacRae writes sci-fi short film

Renowned television writer Tom MacRae, known for Doctor Who episodes such as ‘The Age of Steel’ and ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ has written a short film named ‘Time Tramp’. Directed by George Watson and produced by Tom Webb, the production is asking the general public for help to raise the funds needed for it to be made at the end of March.

MacRae says, “We are giving our time for free, all your money is to make it look wonderful on screen.” The story is about two young brothers, George and Sammy, who bump into a mysterious tramp in a shed who claims to be a time traveller. Very much in the style of Doctor Who, the project is sure to be a huge hit with fans of the popular series. In return for their support, pledgers will have a chance to say that they are film backers as well as get their hands on lots of exclusive rewards!

If you would like to find out more about ‘Time Tramp’ and help it get made, please click on the link below to go to their Kickstarter page: