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Competition result & winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our recent competition. The result was 'Riverside Studios' and the winners, drawn at random from all correct answers, are Lucy McGough and Mark Pilkington. Their signed Time & Space posters will be winging their way this coming week.

The Pandorica Opens by Frank Collins

I'm delighted to say that one our regular contributors, Frank Collins, will be having his first book published in a few weeks time.

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens - Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor’ by Frank Collins

Death of the Doctor Screening at the BFI - a review

Following on from my blog entry of yesterday, here's a review of Tuesday night's proceedings.

The Sarah Jane Adventures - "Death of the Doctor"

Having been at the BFI screening of the much anticipated Sarah Jane/ Jo Grant/ 11th Doctor story, I would urge everyone to make sure they watch it upon transmission - SJA fan or not!

In my opinion, it is a loving tribute to the Barry Letts era and has by far and away the largest amount of fan pleasing references, nods and flashbacks ever seen on television by a country mile.

Time & Space Competition

Following on from our "Time & Space" Convention, we're running a competition open to all. Two lucky prize winners will each receive a special poster signed by the guests who attended. Even K9!

To enter the competition, you need to answer the following question:

At what venue was the "Time & Space" Convention held?

DVD Bargain!

Not sure about you, but I don't buy all the Classic Series DVD's on release. However, I do like to keep my eyes out for a bargain, and there's a great one available right now.

Coming soon.........

CT has been off on its summer holidays, but is back and hard at work on issue 389 which should be with members in early September.

The next few CT's will, to varying degrees, be themed starting out with a Barry Letts issue, to be followed by a Cyberspecial in October. I hope you enjoy what we've got planned!

Competition Winner

We're pleased to announce that the winner of our recent "Time 4: Time and Space" competiton is Dale Brotherton.

Congratulations Dale, and thanks to all who entered!

The Doctor Who Proms 2010

Well I thought that was tremendous fun, and firmly cemented in place my views about just how good Matt Smith is.

We plan to have a full review in issue 389 of CT, but in the meantime if anyone who went would like to let us have your thoughs, then please mail me at the usual address.

Win a pair of tickets for Time 4 - Time and Space!

Following on from our recent competiton to win a pair of tickets to the Doctor Who Proms, we’re delighted to announce that we have a pair of tickets for our Time and Space Convention at Riverside Studios, London to give away in an exclusive competition for DWAS Members.

To submit your entry, you must answer the following question: