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Vincent and the Doctor. A vase of sunflowers.

A couple more very positive reviews for episode 10.

Vincent and the Doctor. Was it a starry, starry night?

Let's find out.............

John Howe: Vincent and the Doctor was another superb episode from what is turning out to be a very impressive series of Doctor Who. The story was simple, the best ones always are but it's real power lay in the relationship between the Doctor and Amy, and Tony Curran's magnificent portrayal of Vincent Van Gogh.

The Hungry Earth. The Final Word.

This week it's from Gary Merchant.

Win a pair of tickets for the Doctor Who Prom!

“Karen Gillan (companion Amy Pond) and Matt Smith (the Doctor) host an intergalactic musical adventure featuring Murray Gold's music from the TV series, plus a selection of classical favourites.”

Cold Blood. Your thoughts.

Kate Griffiths: I enjoyed The Silurians - sorry Cold Blood. It was a familiar story, from killing one of them from fear, to the scientist who wanted to help, the fanatical - kill the apes - leader (who also killed the scientist) and the negotiator.

The TARDIS Handbook by Steve Tribe

In between the first and second wave of 11th Doctor novels, BBC Books bring us "The TARDIS Handbook. The official guide to the best ship in the Universe".

The Hungry Earth. A tasty Hors d'œuvre?

Let's find out what you think..........

Amy Choice. The final word.

Brief, but succinct, from regular contributor Gary Merchant.

Amy's Choice. Your views.

Well, we're now more than half way through Series 5. Here's what you're saying........

The Vampires of Venice. The final word.

CT regular Gary Merchant winds up for us this week.