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As the final CT of my tenure as Editor is now dropping through letterboxes, I just wanted to say thanks and farewell - CTwise anyway!

I hope you enjoyed reading the 36 issues that I've had the pleasure of producing and, like you, I'm looking forward to seeing what Grant Bull is going to bring us. I have no doubt that it will be excellent.

With very best wishes,


It was 30 years ago today..........

.......that Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davison. I find that extremely scary!

"Chap with Wings"

Martin Holmes has sent us this lovely poem.


Not that I ever met you
But I hear you were a gent
A fine, upstanding gentle man,
And Honorary President.

A known face on the T.V.
With a life of many parts
Then a troubled space agent
Brought you closer to our hearts

But the one I most remember
Carved in my youthful mind

Nicholas Courtney - More of your thoughts

Ed Brady: It's very sad to have learned the news of Nicholas Courtney's passing. His character of the Brigadier was a good friend of the Doctor and, as an actor, he was a good friend of Doctor Who the programme and its many loyal followers.

Nicholas Courtney - Your thoughts & tributes

Alan Stevens: I first met Nick Courtney at a DWAS convention in 1983 called Interface 3, an event themed around the Jon Pertwee era of Doctor Who.

2 days to go to The Celestial Archive!

We're delighted to say that our brand new, and totally unique, feature "The Celestial Archive" is ready to go.

It will be live on Saturday, so do check back then to see the first category "Voices From The Past".

The Celestial Archive launch date announced

We're pleased to say that The Celestial Archive is scheduled to go live in a fortnight's time on Saturday 12th February. Don't miss it!

Coming soon. The Celestial Archive!

We're delighted to announce a major new feature for the DWAS Website.

A Christmas Carol - More Reviews

More of your thoughts on the 2010 Christmas Special.

Andrew Ryan: I have cast my vote on the DWAS website. I voted for AWFUL.

I looked at the clock at 6:10 wondering how much more of this I had to suffer before it was over. The clock hands moved around very slowly.