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BAFTA Nominations

An Adventure in Space and Time has received a BAFTA Television Nomination for Best Single Drama. It is up against Black Mirror: Be Right Back, Complicit and The Wipers Times.

The Day of the Doctor has been nominated in the Radio Times Audience Award, which is a voted for category. To give The Doctors your support vote here!

First guests announced for "Myth Makers"

We are pleased to announce the first two guests for Myth Makers: The Making of Doctor Who.

Our Honorary President, the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker and Mike Tucker, Visual Effects wizard, will be joining us on June 1st at Riverside Studios.

For full information visit:

Derek Martinus RIP

Derek Martinus has died at the age of 82 after a long illness.

A highly respected name from early years of Doctor Who, Derek worked with the first Three Doctors, helming Galaxy Four, Mission to the Unknown, The Tenth Planet, Evil of the Daleks, The Ice Warriors and Spearhead from Space.

Derek had an extensive CV besides his work on Who, and will be much missed.

Arthur Darvill in "Once"

Having already played the role of Guy on Broadway, Arthur Darvill has now taken on the mantle in the London production of Once The Musical at The Phoenix Theatre - only until 10th May though!

Here's a video of him, and the cast, performing "When Your Mind's Made Up" at a recent social media event.

Tom MacRae writes sci-fi short film

Renowned television writer Tom MacRae, known for Doctor Who episodes such as ‘The Age of Steel’ and ‘Rise of the Cybermen’ has written a short film named ‘Time Tramp’. Directed by George Watson and produced by Tom Webb, the production is asking the general public for help to raise the funds needed for it to be made at the end of March.

Hon Prez to star in short film about discovery of Richard III

Christopher Barry RIP

Legendary Who Director Christopher Barry has died at the age of 88.

His work spanned 16 years, 43 episodes and the first four Doctors. Apart from bringing us four episodes of The Daleks, Chris was also entrusted with two of the first three regeneration stories, Power of the Daleks and Robot.

A true gentle man, Chris will be greatly missed.

Roger Lloyd-Pack

Sad news. Roger Lloyd-Pack has died, aged 69. Roger was best known to the public as Trigger in 'Only Fools and Horses', and Owen in 'The Vicar of Dibley'.

In the Whoniverse he, of course, played John Lumic, the head of Cybus Insutries in 2006's "Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel".


Who's Changing: An Adventure In Time With Fans

January 27th will see the release of "Who's Changing: An Adventure In Time With Fans", a new documentary about the changing face of Doctor Who fandom.

The DVD features new and exclusive interviews with many stars from the programme's past and present.

Further details can be found at the website:

50th Anniversary Poll - full results and some analysis

Following on from the announcements of our 50th Anniversary Poll results, I thought it might be interesting to look at them in a little more detail. So here are the top ten, rather than top five, in each category, followed by a little bit of analysis of, and comparisons with, the outcome of our last survey – The Great Gap Year Poll – which took place in 2009.