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2 days to go to The Celestial Archive!

We're delighted to say that our brand new, and totally unique, feature "The Celestial Archive" is ready to go.

It will be live on Saturday, so do check back then to see the first category "Voices From The Past".

The Celestial Archive launch date announced

We're pleased to say that The Celestial Archive is scheduled to go live in a fortnight's time on Saturday 12th February. Don't miss it!

Coming soon. The Celestial Archive!

We're delighted to announce a major new feature for the DWAS Website.

A Christmas Carol - More Reviews

More of your thoughts on the 2010 Christmas Special.

Andrew Ryan: I have cast my vote on the DWAS website. I voted for AWFUL.

I looked at the clock at 6:10 wondering how much more of this I had to suffer before it was over. The clock hands moved around very slowly.

Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to CT in any way over the past 12 months. I hope that you, the membership, have enjoyed the fruit of all our labours.

Have a great 2011, and here's to Celestial Toyroom - the longest running Doctor Who publication in the world!

A Christmas Carol - Your Thoughts

The first couple of reviews are in, and they're not very positive..........

Mike Basil: Doctor Who is known to be extravagant. But A Christmas Carol is wrongfully over the top.

The Next Editor

I'm delighted to announce that the new CT Editor, who has already started preparation work and will taking on the mantle next Spring, will be Grant Bull. Grant has made several contributions to CT during my tenure, and is currently editor of Blue Box fanzine.

Competition Winner

The winner of our competition to win a copy of the excellent new book "Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens", is Stephen Hulse of Merseyside. Congratulations Stephen, and thanks to all who entered.

The Pandorica IS Open!

I'm delighted to say that Frank Collins first book "The Pandorica Opens - Exploring the worlds of the Eleventh Doctor" has now been published.

Within the next week Frank will be signing copies of the book at the following venues:

11th December, 1.00-4.00pm. The Who Shop, 39-41 Barking Road, Upton Park, London.

Change my dear...........

Nothing lasts forever, and I've decided it's almost time for me to move on - but not just yet though! There's still a few more issues left in the old geezer, starting with 391 which should be with members in the next few days.

The name of the new Editor, who has already started preparation work and will taking on the mantle next Spring, will be announced in the Christmas/New Year bumper issue.