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Let's Kill Hitler

Well, they didn't. But then I never thought they would...

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Series 6 Returns

As you may already know by now - Doctor Who will return to BBC 1 on Saturday 27th August 2011 at 7.10pm. This date had been much anticipated and has now been confirmed by the BBC. If you visit the BBC official website at there is more information on the second half of the series inlcuding new pictures and clips.

Day of the Daleks Available to Order

If you are not able to attend our 'Day of the Daleks' launch you are now able to order a signed copy online, or by post. DWAS members can buy a copy post free. Please click here.


Torchwwod - Miracle Day (part 4) is just hours away as I write this. To be honest I have been watching each episode on edge a bit, not because it had me on the edge of my seat as such, but because I could not until now dare to believe that it would follow in the footsteps of 'Children of Earth'. I say this because, to be honest, I am no fan of the first two series of Torchwood.

CT Issue 399

There is a preview of the next CT (issue 399) available in the 'Celestial Toyroom' section at

As previously mentioned this is a Terry Nation special concentrating obviously on his Doctor Who and SF connections. The magazine will be in the post shortly.

Day of the Daleks Guest Update

I am pleased to be able to finally confirm the guests for 'Day of the Daleks' on 4th September - our preview of the forthcoming Doctor Who DVD release. Please click the link on the website front page for details.

New BBC Doctor Who Paperbacks

BBC Books has reprinted six of the original Target Doctor Who paperbacks, with the original Chris Achellios jackets and with new forwards by writers including Gareth Roberts and Russell T Davies. DWAS is able to offer these to members for £3-99 each or £21-99 for the full set, which is a nice discount! Please click the merchandise tab above and choose 'Books'

Celestial Toyroom issue 398

The latest issue of CT is previewed on the CT pages and is due with members shortly.

Day of the Daleks

I am afraid we have issued all our available tickets for this event - but you will still be able to buy the signed DVD from us in due course.

Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks

Ok - I admit to being a bit excited about this - tickets for the launch event for 'Day of the Daleks' are now available. A special allocation has been set aside for DWAS members. Just click the link on the front page of the website for details.

This promises to be a great day, and if the event is a commercial and critical success... well, Who Knows..?