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Best Christmas Present....

Rumours began circulating today that two missing episodes of Doctor Who had been found and returned to the BBC. This rumour for once, turned out to the true. An official announcement from the BBC is due at about 6pm.

Doctor Who Online is saying the episodes are Galaxy 4 part 3 and The Underwater Menace part 2 but this has not as yet been confirmed.

The Dalek That Time Forgot

If you have yet to see Lee Adams animated series on You Tube you really should take a look. The quality of both pictures and sound is very good and there is a some great re-imagining of the Dalek City on Skaro from 'The Daleks'.

CT 401/2

Celestial Toyroom issue 401/2 is being mailed out now, a bit later than planned -sorry about that. In an attempt to see if we can produce the current CT for a lower price, or get more pages for the same money, this issue has, as a bit of an experiment, been produced using digital/laser printing as opposed to the usual offset litho.

Target reprint Winner

Well done to Thomas Pence who wins the competition. The correct answer was of course Chris Achellios

New Giveaway

To celebrate over 200 followers on our Twitter feed, we have another competition ready, which is open to everyone.

Recently, BBC Books reprinted six Target paperbacks with their original jacket illustrations and new introductions. You can see details at Dr Who Online by clicking here:

The Future for 11

Matt Smith talks about his future in Doctor Who in an interview this weekend. More information here:

Time 5

Thank you to everyone who came along to Riverside Studios yesterday and supported us - if people do not come along there is little point in organising an event!

I hope that everyone enjoyed Invasion of the Dinosaurs episode 1 - the colour was much better than I was expecting and the UNIT Box Set which will feature it in January should be well worth having.

Panic Moon Fanzine

I like paper and ink fanzines and Panic Moon is one of the few that are around these days (said from CT of course). There was a time when fanzines were as prolific as Doctor Who events are now....

The last issue is out at a mere £1-20 and comes recommended by ME. What more incentive could you need? :-)

Quatermass and the Pit

The movie adaption of ‘Quatermass and the Pit’ has this month been released on Blu Ray and DVD by Studio Canal on the ‘Double Play’ range.

Time 5 Guest Update

We have added another guest - David Bailie will be attending. David was Taren Capel in 'Robots of Death' but is an established stage and screen actor with a wide range of credits to his name. More details are available by clicking the link through to Time 5.