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Day of the Daleks

DWAS is pleased to invite members to a preview of the new version of Day of the Daleks, due out o DVD on 12th September. The preview will be at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith on Sunday 4th September 2011 and tickets will be available soon.

Please note that the date of the event has been changed since the insert in his month's CT was prepared.

More details:

A Good Man.....

Well I re-watched it – not expecting the greatest thing ever this time round. And actually I enjoyed it and it made a lot more sense for me than it did on first viewing.

Having said that of course you shouldn’t need to re-watch anything to understand what is going on and that is probably a fair criticism of this season thus far as much as I love it.

The Rebel Flesh..

You know... I am not sure that I actually liked that. I found it difficult to 'get into' and not particularly engaging. I also found some of the plot points a little difficult to follow. I was doing something else at the same time and maybe it is because I committed the crime of not giving Doctor Who my undivided attention..

Wedding guest...

I am not sure who did this, but I think it is excellent!

Elisabeth Sladen

As you may have heard, Elisabeth Sladen has tragically died. This will come as a shock to many fans of both classic and new Doctor Who. We had hoped to have Elisabeth as a guest at a forthcoming event, but sadly this is not to be.

You can read more about Elisabeth's career here:

CT 396

CT issue 396 is at the printers. A preview is available in the "Celestial Toyroom' section.

Of particular note this issue is our Donald Tosh interview, conducted by Alan Stevens, which is probably the most in-depth interview about Doctor Who season 3 in many years.

Time 5 **UPDATED**

The next event from the Doctor Who Appreciation Society is 'Time 5' on 29th October 2011. We have now opened postal and online bookings - you can find our more at the event site, along with details of our first two confirmed guests


Planet of the Spiders DVD

On April 19th Planet of the Spiders is released on DVD, joining a big list of Doctor Who titles. We have arranged for DWAS members to be able to buy a copy signed by Mike Yates (Richard Franklin). There are also some other new DWAS-related items available. Please see the 'Merchandise' section (menu bar above)

CT 395

The next issue of CT should be with all UK based members by the end of this week, and overseas members shortly afterwards. You can see a preview at

**UPDATE - CT 395 went into the post on 25th March**

Celestial Toyroom 395

The next edition of Celestial Toyroom, from your favourite Doctor Who fan club has now been finished and is about to go to the printers. The magazine is Tony Jordan's last as editor as has 'My Favourite Story' as it's theme. The magazine also features two pieces about Nicholas Courtney.

There is a preview at