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A Christmas Carol

Just seven hours to go until 2011 arrives in the UK. Yawwwn... I guess I'll stay up and then try and send text messages to people I see every day to say 'Happy New Year'. Bah. Humbug. Which brings me to.. 'A Christmas Carol' - Doctor Who's 2010 special.

The Pandorica Opens

The items shown on the flyer enclosed with CT issue 392/3, including signed copies of Frank Collins new book 'The Pandorica Opens' are available to buy online via the 'Merchandise' tab above

Ct 392/3

CT issue 392/3 has been sent to every member and was posted in time for pre-Christmas delivery in the UK.

CT Issue 392/3

The next issue of CT is our traditional Christmas/New Year double issue. This year we have not gone for a colour cover - we are saving that for the new year, but the magazine has a multi Doctor theme, and some Christmassy related features, including a preview of this year's 'Doctor Who Christmas Special - A Christmas Carol', written by the ever reliable Steven Moffat.

Doctor Who Series 5 Music CD

The online store 'Soundtracks Direct' at the time of posting has the the new series 5 music CD available for £8-99 including Uk delivery, which is the cheapest I have seen it so far. You can visit their eBay store at

If anyone has seen a better price please let me know and I'll post it up.

A Christmas Carol - Doctor Who Christmas Special

Tonight's Children in Need featured a preview of the forthcoming Christmas special. The trailer is currently available to view online, but oddly, only at the BBC America website, though it will appear on the UK site soon. The link to see it online at BBC America is:

Doctor Who to Film in US

It has been announced that for the first time in the show's history, filming is to take place in the US. More information here:

Time and Space Raffle

If you have orange ticket number 6 please get in contact -

And we have our winner - Jean Hughes well done!

CT 389

CT issue 389 is at the printers, and should be with members by mid-September. There is a preview at the 'Celestial Toyroom' section

Next Season

The BBC has announced that series 6 will start as usual at easter, but will have a mid-season break, ending on a cliffhanger, returning in the autumn of 2011. This effectively puts Doctor Who back onto it's traditional autumn schedule, last seen in 1989.

Other announcements include the re-commissioning of 'Sherlock'. More details at http;//