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Doctor Who to Film in US

It has been announced that for the first time in the show's history, filming is to take place in the US. More information here:

Time and Space Raffle

If you have orange ticket number 6 please get in contact -

And we have our winner - Jean Hughes well done!

CT 389

CT issue 389 is at the printers, and should be with members by mid-September. There is a preview at the 'Celestial Toyroom' section

Next Season

The BBC has announced that series 6 will start as usual at easter, but will have a mid-season break, ending on a cliffhanger, returning in the autumn of 2011. This effectively puts Doctor Who back onto it's traditional autumn schedule, last seen in 1989.

Other announcements include the re-commissioning of 'Sherlock'. More details at http;//

Another Guest Update

I am delighted that Wendy Padbury will be joining us at Riverside Studios on 9th October 2010.

Time and Space Guest Update

Dan Hall, the commissioning editor of the Doctor Who DVD range at 2Entertain and classic Doctor Who Brand Manager at BBC Worldwide will be coming to Time and Space on 9th October. You can ask him how decisions on releases are made, find out what he has planned for the future and maybe give him your own ideas..

Time and Space - Guest Update

Sylvester McCoy will be joining us at Time and Space. A full guest list is at the event mini-site which you can reach from the front page.

Bob Baker and Paul Tamms will also be bringing a never before seen feature on the new K9 TV series for a screening in the cinema

Time and Space Guest Update

I am very pleased that Andrew Cartmel (script editor 1987 to 1989) will be joining us at 'Time 4: Time and Space' on 9th October 2010.

The Big Bang

Hmm... I'm not sure about this one - it certainly didn't try and over-do things as previous end of season 'epics' have, but a lot is currently left unresolved. I think that, until we know just why the TARDIS exploded and the cracks in time opened it will be difficult to judge the overall season theme. Cast all very good as usual though!

Doctor Who v World Cup

Now tonight Doctor Who is scheduled directly against the England v USA World Cup match, and the football starts first. I'm afraid that the overnight ratings are not going to be good. Nobody is going to want to record the football and watch it later are they?