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Riverside Reflections - 21st October 2012

I am pleased to confirm details of our next Doctor Who event.

Riverside Reflections will take place on Sunday 21st October 2012 at our favourite venue, Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London. The day will be themed around guests who have worked on Doctor Who whilst it had it's home at Riverside - 1964 to 1968.

Celestial Toyroom 405/6

The next edition of CT, the double issue 405/6 is now at the printers and a preview is available online - just click the 'Celestial Toyroom' button on the front page of the website.

And don't forget our survey if you have not already taken part:

Face of Evil DVD - Winner

Well done to Trevor Fuller who wins the DVD.

The answer to the question, 'Which well known SF series did the writer of 'The Face of Evil', Chris Boucher, become script editor on in 1977?' was of course 'Blake's 7'. In fact Chris Boucher was recommended to Blake's 7 producer David Maloney by Robert Holmes, based on the work Holmes had done with him on Doctor Who.

The Face of Evil DVD - Win It

Twitter Giveaway

As announced on Twitter, we have a copy of the new Doctor Who DVD to give away - it is certificate PG. The competition is open to all but if you are outside Europe please check you can play region 2 DVDs before entering. Thank you!

The question you need to answer is:

Philip Madoc **Updated**

One of this nation's finest actors and a true Doctor Who stalwart - Philip Madoc - has died today (5th March 2012) aged 77.

Talking Who - Live

Talking Who are putting out their podcast live today at about 9pm UK time. Visit them to watch:

Peter Hailliday - Updated

Peter Halliday, who appeared in a number of Doctor Who stories over the years died last Sunday aged 87.

Big Finish Free Download

This weekend Big Finish is making the first part of the latest 8th Doctor story available for download free of charge.

This is to be followed by an 8th Doctor title sale to promote the Doctor Who range.

You can visit Big Finish at

Apollo 23 - Winner

David Oates of Stockport wins our latest giveaway - well done.

The answer to the question 'Which Apollo mission feature din Day of the Moon?' was of course Apollo 11.

RTD Returns to the BBC With New Children's Show

Russell T Davies has returned to the BBC with a new show for children called 'Alien Vs Wizards' which will follow a familiar and ever successful theme of alien invasions!

RTD's return for the US was prompted by the sad news that his partner is suffering from cancer. More information at the BBC News website: