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Netflix Arrives With Doctor Who and Torchwood Content

The video on-demand service Netflix has arrived in the UK offering movies and TV on demand to anyone with a decent internet connection. The service allows you to watch shows on your computer but also on a TV using a number of different devices including PS3 and Apple TV (2nd gen).

Online Shop

We have updated our online shop with many items now available to non-members (although members still get a discount). Click 'Merchandise' above for more details.

The UNIT Files DVD

At the last minute we have been able to arrange some signed DVDs for the above release. This box set is a double DVD set with 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs' and 'The Android Invasion', the former containing the re-colourised episode 1 that was seen at 'Time 5' in October.

Talking Who

The latest edition of Talking Who is an interview with... well me actually, talking about the Society, 2E, Day of the Daleks, DW Events and of course CB....

Doctor Who: The House of Blue Fire CD

You can win a copy of this recent Big Finish CD by answering this question and subscribing to our Twitter feed:

The name of the winner will be announced on the DWAS63 Twitter feed ( so you will need to be following us to be in with a chance to win (see the link on the front page of the website). The competition is open to everyone.

The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe Overnight Ratings

The overnight ratings for the Christmas special are in, and they are very good indeed.

Doctor who was watched by an average of 8.9 million people at the time of broadcast. This made it the third most popular programme of the day beaten only by EastEnders with 9.9 million and Coronation Street that managed a few more with 9.3 million viewers.

Amy and Rory to Leave the TARDIS

It has been announced by the BBC that Karen Gillen and Arthur Darvill will leave Doctor Who during the next series, and that a new companion will be cast. Steven Moffat said during a preview of this year's Christmas special that the story surrounding the departure of the characters would be a 'heartbreaking' one.

Returned Episodes Screening

DWAS has been advised that the BBC intends to hold a one-off public screening of the two recently recovered episodes. When and when we do not yet know but are told that an announcement will be made soon.

Best Christmas Present....

Rumours began circulating today that two missing episodes of Doctor Who had been found and returned to the BBC. This rumour for once, turned out to the true. An official announcement from the BBC is due at about 6pm.

Doctor Who Online is saying the episodes are Galaxy 4 part 3 and The Underwater Menace part 2 but this has not as yet been confirmed.

The Dalek That Time Forgot

If you have yet to see Lee Adams animated series on You Tube you really should take a look. The quality of both pictures and sound is very good and there is a some great re-imagining of the Dalek City on Skaro from 'The Daleks'.