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Power: Reimagined

The version of 'Power Reimagined' we will be showing at Riverside Reflections' is the full HD version. TNT Films have provided us with a 1080i resolution copy, and Riverside Studios have today confirmed that it is compatible with their high-res projection system.

Click the link on the front page for more details...

'The Angels Take Manhattan' Consolidated Ratings

'The Angels Take Manhattan' achieved a further 1.9 million viewers in the seven days following it's original broadcast on BBC1, giving the episode a total of 7.82 million viewers. Doctor Who was the thirteenth most popular show on TV that week.

It has also been confirmed that over 8 million requests were made to access the show on the BBC iplayer in September 2012.

'The Power of Three' Consolidated Ratings

'The Power of Three' added some two million viewers once delayed viewing is taken in account. The revised figures hows that 7.7 million people watched either at broadcast or during the seven days following. Another excellent result.

The Angels Take Manhattan overnight ratings

This episode pulled in an initial audience of 5.9 million, or 26.9% of the watching audience. It was the most popular programme on BBC1 on Saturday. Consolidated figures will arrive in just over a week.

Doctor Who: Recon, 30th September 2012

Our free-to-enter event, 'Doctor Who: Recon' takes place this Sunday at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith.

Whilst our ticket allocation has been fully used, Riverside Studios may still have some available via their box office.

'A Town Called Mercy' Consolidated Ratings

The consolidated figures show that 'A Town Called Mercy' added 1.9 million viewers to the overnight result (taking into account those who recorded the show and watched it later). This gives the episode a total of 8.42 million viewers or 33.4% of the audience.

Doctor Who was in ninth place for the week. A very good result.

The Power of Three Overnight Ratings

The overnight ratings for 'The Power of Three' are available. These show that Doctor Who had an audience of 5.49 million or 25.6% of the audience. This is down 1.1 million or 3.5% on last week's episode. However Doctor Who is up one place in the Saturday chart - it was no 2 for the day being beaten only by 'The X Factor'. So a good result, especially in comparison with other shows.

Doctor Who: Recon

I am afraid that this event is now well and truly full. I am sending out the very last tickets now, which will go off in Monday's post.

As with 'The Day of the Daleks' last year this has been massively over-subscribed and I regret that so many people have missed out again - unfortunately there are only so many places available.

'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' consolidated ratings

The consolidated ratings for 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship', which includes those who recorded the programme and watched it in the week following, have been released. These reveal a final viewing figure of 7.57 million or 32% of the audience. This means the show added over 2 million viewers to the initial overnight figure of 5.5 million, and is a very good result.

'A Town Called Mercy ' Overnight Ratings

'A Town Called Mercy' achieved overnight ratings of 6.6 million viewers or 29.1% of the TV watching audience, an increase of over 1 million on the previous week. Doctor Who came third after 'The X Factor' and 'Strictly Come Dancing', another good performance.

Consolidated ratings will follow in just over a week.