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Raymond Cusick Dies

It has been announced by his family, that Dalek Designer, and a 'pioneer' of early Doctor Who, Raymond Cusick, has died.

You can read the story at the BBC News site here:

Elspet Gray

Known to most of us as Chancellor Thalia in Arc of Infinity (and almost the Five Doctors too), Elspet Gray has sadly died aged 84

More information here:

Richard Briers

We sadly say 'goodbye' this week to Richard Briers, who played many different part in TV and film during his life, including of course 'The Caretaker' in Paradise Towers back in 1987.

An Adventure in Space and Time

Work continues apace on the forthcoming docu-drama and this news item from includes a short YouTube clip from writer Mark Gattis..

'The Tenth Planet' Restored for DVD

Dan Hall, Doctor Who range editor at BBC Worldwide Consumer Products, confirmed yesterday that 'The Tenth Planet' will be released on DVD later this year. The story will get the full restoration treatment for parts 1 to 3 and a new animated part 4 will be produced for the DVD.

More information here:

An Adventure in Space and Time

Casting announcements continue for the forthcoming docudrama on the beginning of Doctor Who at the BBC (written by Mark Gattis):

Currently the primary cast members have been confirmed as:

William Hartnell David Bradley
Verity Lambert Jessica Raine
Sydney Newman Brian Cox
Waris Hussein Sacha Dhawan
William Russell Jamie Glover
Jacqueline Hill Jemma Powell

Celestial Toyroom 415/16

A preview of the next edition of CT is now available in the 'Celestial Toyroom' section above.

Dr Who at the Movies

Sunday 26th May 2013 is when you can see the two AARU Dalek films, starring Peter Cushing as Dr Who, in HD, on the big screen. The films have been remastered and this will be an early opportunity to see them in the new format, and a rare one to see them in a theatrical showing. The venue once again is Riverside Studios in Hammersmith.

1st Doctor Cast!

The actor who will play William Hartnell in the forthcoming drama-documentary about the start of Doctor Who on the BBC has been confirmed:

The Show Returns March 30th

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on 30th March. See Doctor Who news for more on this story: