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CT is on its way and should be with all UK based members in time for Christmas, and overseas members shortly afterwards. We have taken the opportunity to insert membership cards for those who have recently renewed, so if the exterior of your CT envelope indicates one is enclosed, do check carefully before throwing it away!

New Opening Titles and Theme Arrangement

The BBC has confirmed that a new title sequence and a new arrangement of Ron Grainer's theme will premier on 'The Snowmen' on Christmas Day. This is of course in addition to a new companion, new costume for the Doctor and a new TARDIS interior..

Spoiler-free news story here:

Doctor Who Star Kenneth Kendall Dies

Just a few days after the death of Sir Patrick Moore was announced, another Doctor Who guest star, this time from the 1960s has died. Kenneth Kendall was a well known face as a BBC Newsreader in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s and many children sat impatiently through his news programmes on Saturday evenings awaiting 'Doctor Who'.

CT Issue 413/14

A preview of the next edition is available here:

TARDIS Interior

Some news from the forthcoming Christmas special about the TARDIS interior.. It isn't much of a spolier but if you adore surprises you might want to stay away the news item for now..

Colin's Fat Camp

I never thought of CB as a man who needed to lose weight in the first place, but well done to him!

Children in Need Christmas Special Preview

You can now see the trailer and prequel for the Christmas special online at the BBC website:

New Design Cybermen

The Cybermen have undergone a re-design - they are not radically different but are certainly an update on what went before. You can see them here:

Vengeance on Varos DVD Giveaway

Yes it's giveaway time again.

We have a copy of the recently released double DVD - 'Vengeance on Varos - Special Edition', which has been made even more special, as it is signed by the Doctor himself, Colin Baker.

To be in with a chance of winning - please answer the following very easy question:

'What is Sil's home planet?'

CT 411/12 ***Updated***

A preview is now available at the 'Celestial Toyroom' Section, by clicking above.