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DVD Competition ***UPDATED***

*** Well done to Tom Greeves of Royston who wins ***

We have a copy of the new BBC DVD 'Planet of Giants' to give away. To enter just send us an email with your name and answer to the question below:

'What was the name of the aborted fourth episode of 'Planet of Giants'?

Celestial Toyroom 409/10

The next CT, a double issue is at the printers now - a preview is available in the 'Celestial Toyroom' section.

Click here to view:

Next Series Trailer

Here is the trailer for the next series, which was released by the BBC today. Be warned that it does reveal the identity of certain 'returning characters' (and monsters):

Geoffrey Hughes

Geoffrey Hughes, probably best known as Eddie Yates in Coronation Street and Onslow in Keeping Up Appearances has died from cancer aged just 66. he is best known to Doctor Who fans as 'Mr Popplewick' the Dickensian clerk in charge of The Fantasy Factory in Trial of a Time Lord back in 1986.

The BBC News Report is here:

London 2012 **Updated**

I'm pretty sure I heard the TARDIS at one point last night..?

Update: And indeed we all did:

Mary Tamm

DWAS understands that Mary Tamm, better known to us all as 'Romana' has died from cancer, aged just 62. THis follows from the sad news of Caroline John's death in June and ex-costume designer Colin Lavers earlier this month.

The Daily Mirror web site reports the story here:

And the BBC here:

CT 408

The next CT is due to be coming through your door in the next few days

Diana Rigg and Rachel Stirling to Appear in Doctor Who

Diana Rigg, well know to us all from The Avengers, James Bond and so much more will appear in the new series in an episode alongside her real life daughter Rachel Stirling. More details here:

The Eleven Faces of Doctor Who

Following Tony Jordan's contribution, ( here is mine...

Four part stories only make it tricky don't they?


CT Issue 408

There is a preview of the next edition of Celestial Toyroom in the CT section of the website.