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Liz 10 - Doctor 11

I am pleased to see that our episode polls are starting to produce interesting results.

You can see from the results so far that 'The Eleventh Hour' was generally received better than 'The Beast Below'.

As I write this we can already see that whilst 28% of voters would describe 'The Eleventh Hour' as an instant classic, only 6% felt the same way about 'The Beast Below'.

The Beast Below. Your thoughts.

After being deluged with feedback on The Eleventh Hour (sorry to those whose contributions I haven't managed to post), the response to episode 2 of Series 5 has been much more low key. However, here are a couple of very differing opinions!

Press Reaction - The Beast Below

The press reaction to Episode 2 has not involved the DWAS this week, suggesting that we need another 'peak' episode to ignite the interest again. Episode 3 involves Daleks however...

This has been my favourite preview to an episode so far (Liverpool Echo, April 11th 2010):

AND he’s off – in a million different directions (Doctor Who, BBC1, Saturday).

Overnight Ratings

I see that 'The Beast Below' pulled in 6.7 million on BBC1 and 0.3 million on BBC HD last night, making a total of 7 million. More significantly Doctor Who was watched by 34% of the audience and was the number one show on TV yesterday.

Your comments welcome as always - and please take a moment to vote in the poll on the front page.

Nobody Human Talk to Me

Oh I know how he feels sometimes...

I am going to hazard a guess and say that this one was made earlier on in the run - we know that the Eleventh Hour was not made first, and somehow I got the impression that MS and KG were not quite as settled in with their characters this week. There was quite a bit of Troughton-ism in the TARDIS for example, rather than Smith-ism.

The Beast Below

Well, just 24 hours to the next episode..

This time the Doctor and Amy visit a version of Britain thousands of years into the future. (I wonder if we have adopted the Euro yet?)

As before we would be very pleased to hear your views. You can contact CT via the contact form or by emailing

It's Gone Down Well Hasn't It?

New Who seems to have gone down well doesn't it? The media response has surprised me. Generally speaking I despise the press - I believe that they invent non-existant news stories to match their own political agendas and prejudices, and exert a worrying influence over public opinion.

Naming favourite Doctors

Lots of people ask why we never answer the question "Who was the best Doctor?" when representing our members on TV and Radio. The answer to this is simple. We all like different Doctors! If I were to say the best Doctor was Doctor 3, I would put us against all those who enjoy Doctor 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11!

Publicity is Go!

The arrival of the new Doctor has bought the DWAS into the public eye once more, with the society featuring on various radio stations over the weekend. The DWAS appeared on BBC Radio Coventry, BBC Radio 5Live, the BBC News Channel, BBC Three Counties Radio and in The Independent on Sunday. Our involvement on ABC Radio is included on the site.

The Eleventh Hour. Final thoughts.

Here's the last batch of your reviews & comments on "The Eleventh Hour" that I'll be posting. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to email me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on "The Beast Below".