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Overnight Ratings

So Victory of the Daleks got 6.45 million which, as second placed show on TV yesterday is a superb result even if the actual numbers are down. I have always felt that being shown in the spring means that Doctor Who is going to produce mis-leading overnight figures. The final consolidated results for The Eleventh Hour - at over 10 million, would seem to confirm that.

I Cannot Believe She Did That

Amy Pond, in front of all those personnel and staff, addressed the Prime Minister (and not just any PM) as 'Oi Churchill'

I Am Your Soldier

Have you seen the clips on the BBC website? If not, it's worth a look. Nick Briggs is doing the voices again and he is clearly emulating The Power of the Daleks and the 'I am Your Soldier' bit. It looks good.

The Beast Below. The final word.

Just one more piece of feedback on episode, courtesy of CT regular Gary Merchant.

"The Beast Below showed us early on how the dynamic between the Doctor and Amy is developing, and how Matt Smith's Doctor is shaping up. Gone is the post-impressionism of Tennant, and the figure now presented seems more contained in his emotions, but still has the cheeriness of his predecessor.

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Interest in the BBC Archive

Today's interest in Doctor Who is within the online publication of "The Changing Face of Doctor Who" at the BBC archive site.

The DWAS were contacted for their view of the archive by The Press Association Online. This involved a video interview to be used by Virgin Online, The Mirror and others.

When we have a link to the sites it is used it will be posted here.

Liz 10 - Doctor 11

I am pleased to see that our episode polls are starting to produce interesting results.

You can see from the results so far that 'The Eleventh Hour' was generally received better than 'The Beast Below'.

As I write this we can already see that whilst 28% of voters would describe 'The Eleventh Hour' as an instant classic, only 6% felt the same way about 'The Beast Below'.

The Beast Below. Your thoughts.

After being deluged with feedback on The Eleventh Hour (sorry to those whose contributions I haven't managed to post), the response to episode 2 of Series 5 has been much more low key. However, here are a couple of very differing opinions!

Press Reaction - The Beast Below

The press reaction to Episode 2 has not involved the DWAS this week, suggesting that we need another 'peak' episode to ignite the interest again. Episode 3 involves Daleks however...

This has been my favourite preview to an episode so far (Liverpool Echo, April 11th 2010):

AND he’s off – in a million different directions (Doctor Who, BBC1, Saturday).

Overnight Ratings

I see that 'The Beast Below' pulled in 6.7 million on BBC1 and 0.3 million on BBC HD last night, making a total of 7 million. More significantly Doctor Who was watched by 34% of the audience and was the number one show on TV yesterday.

Your comments welcome as always - and please take a moment to vote in the poll on the front page.