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CT 386

Celestial Toyroom issue 386 has gone to the printer. You can see a preview in the CT section.

It is Saturday 5th June and it's another bright sunshiny day. How will this affect the overnight ratings for Doctor Who tonight I wonder?

The Hungry Earth. The Final Word.

This week it's from Gary Merchant.

CD and DVD Offer

As well as copies of 'The Mutation of Time' CDs signed by Peter Purves, we are now able to confirm that we will also be offering 'The Kamelion Tales' DVD (Planet of Fire and The Kings Demons) signed by both Isla Blair and Mark Strickson. These will be available online and by post very shortly.

Toybox and Prom

I have been enjoying looking at the Toybox today. Its amazing how many items have been released since the programme began in 1963. The images on our site compliments the great work of other greater collectors such as David Howe, whose Transcendental Toybox book is simply a work of love.

Keep watching the Toybox grow as new items are added weekly, rather than daily!

Changes to the website

We promised to add new sections to the website and I am pleased to announce that we have done just that.

Celestial Toybox
Today we opened up our Toybox and hope that you will enjoy browsing through the items therein.

Win a pair of tickets for the Doctor Who Prom!

“Karen Gillan (companion Amy Pond) and Matt Smith (the Doctor) host an intergalactic musical adventure featuring Murray Gold's music from the TV series, plus a selection of classical favourites.”

Cold Blood. Your thoughts.

Kate Griffiths: I enjoyed The Silurians - sorry Cold Blood. It was a familiar story, from killing one of them from fear, to the scientist who wanted to help, the fanatical - kill the apes - leader (who also killed the scientist) and the negotiator.

I can't make a decent meringue!

I enjoyed 'The Hungry Earth'. I enjoyed the slower pace that a two-parter affords. I enjoyed the familiar Doctor Who territory of a handful of characters in an isolated location. I also enjoyed Matt Smith's performance. He really is starting to flesh out the character of the 11th Doctor - humour, sensitivity, indignation, vulnerability... Marvellous.


The TARDIS Handbook by Steve Tribe

In between the first and second wave of 11th Doctor novels, BBC Books bring us "The TARDIS Handbook. The official guide to the best ship in the Universe".

The Hungry Earth. A tasty Hors d'œuvre?

Let's find out what you think..........