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The Vampires of Venice. The final word.

CT regular Gary Merchant winds up for us this week.

The Vampires of Venice. Getting your teeth into it.

Doctor Who rarely makes me laugh out loud, but when we saw Guido piloting the gondola wearing Rory's stag-do shirt I genuinely did. Here's what you thought............

Flesh and Stone. The final word.

This week it belongs to Steve Murphy.

Thought we'd cracked it for a bit there. The Time Of Angels had a lot going for it; tense, taut, edgy, well-paced. Full of lots of the stuff that Doctor Who has always been good at. Still faults, but for a change in this series, for me at least, actually outweighed by the positives.

And then the second part.

Flesh and Stone. Your thoughts.

Flesh and Stone seems to have gone down very well!

Mark Carroll: At last! A story that met my expectations. Creepy, funny, tense all the things a really good Steven Moffatt story should be. Here's hoping the standard remains as high for the rest of the series.

Century Falls and Dark Season

Whilst browsing through Amazon (well what else is there to do on a Saturday apart from wait for Doctor Who?) I was very pleased to see that the 1990s children's series 'Century Falls' and 'Dark Season' have been released on DVD by the BBC. Both of course are from the pen of RTD and are, in my humble view, some of the finest children's TV of their era.

The Time of Angels. A final word

The final word this week comes from Mike Basil, and looks at the Weeping Angels.

It's a long story... and I don't know most of it!

I really enjoyed "The Time of Angels". I enjoyed its humour, its tension, its atmosphere... its everything.

You wont be surprised then that when I voted in our poll I chose the "Instant classic" option.

After voting I did the usual Saturday evening round of phone calls. Everyone that I spoke to liked the episode. However, many of them said something along the following lines:

The Time of Angels. You're singing a Happy Song!

A unanimous thumbs up so far, and I certainly have to agree. A wonderful episode, I just hope that "Flesh & Stone" manages to live up to "The Time of Angels".


The Vampires of Venice

The BBC Press Release for this episode can be found at:

The Angels

Well I am actually relieved now. After last week's episode, I thought it was a big improvement.

I liked the bit about The TARDIS not making the noise. I liked kicking the globe like a football. I liked the TARDIS appearing in space to rescue River. I liked the soldiers being clerics. Yes, I liked.