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August 16th: New Seventh Doctor Items ready for Time4

With the Seventh Doctor announced as a guest at Time4 the Toybox dusts off some merchandise with a Seventh Doctor theme. The novelisations of 1990 gave insight into the televised stories of 1988 and 1989 as the classic series drew to a close. The novelisation continued however with Power of the Daleks and Evil of the Daleks in 1993 and the TV Movie in 1996.

Competition Winner

We're pleased to announce that the winner of our recent "Time 4: Time and Space" competiton is Dale Brotherton.

Congratulations Dale, and thanks to all who entered!

New CD will go into the Toybox!

Silva Screen Records will be releasing the new Doctor Who double CD set - Doctor Who Original Music From Series 4: The Specials on 20th September. They will be running a Twitter campaign so if you would like to be the first to find out about the 2 CD set tracklisting and be kept up to date on Silva Screen’s Doctor Who releases please join them on Twitter -

August 10th Opens some new Toybox items!

As the summer continues more 11th Doctor items fill the toybox. The Adipose are back!

The most recently added items can be viewed by clicking here.

Time and Space - Guest Update

Sylvester McCoy will be joining us at Time and Space. A full guest list is at the event mini-site which you can reach from the front page.

Bob Baker and Paul Tamms will also be bringing a never before seen feature on the new K9 TV series for a screening in the cinema

August Toybox opens Classic Items!

New items are dragged out of the Toybox today. These include a rare Troughton piece, a jigsaw and every fans dream in 1982 - Wallpaper!!

New Toybox Items

Brand new items hit the Toybox today all from Series 5. The 11 Doctor set is wonderful!! The Toybox welcomes this product very much!

The Doctor Who Proms 2010

Well I thought that was tremendous fun, and firmly cemented in place my views about just how good Matt Smith is.

We plan to have a full review in issue 389 of CT, but in the meantime if anyone who went would like to let us have your thoughs, then please mail me at the usual address.

Win a pair of tickets for Time 4 - Time and Space!

Following on from our recent competiton to win a pair of tickets to the Doctor Who Proms, we’re delighted to announce that we have a pair of tickets for our Time and Space Convention at Riverside Studios, London to give away in an exclusive competition for DWAS Members.

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Time and Space Guest Update

I am very pleased that Andrew Cartmel (script editor 1987 to 1989) will be joining us at 'Time 4: Time and Space' on 9th October 2010.