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Series 5 Soundtrack from Silva Screen

The Toybox is looking forward to a new CD from Silva Screen however an error has been reported on one of the Series 5 soundtrack tracks. Silva Screen have issued a statement saying "The CD is being repressed with the amended track and this will be available soon".

Cannot wait!

The One Million Pound Drop

The Daily Mirror has been in contact with the Society to ask about last Friday's edition of the Channel 4 show. The question was asked "Who has played the Doctor for the longest time?". The couple in the show placed £325,000 on it being Doctor 7. What would you have replied? Sadly they lost their money and the Mirror is questionning what the right answer should have been.

Toybox Christmas Countdown: Seven weeks until Christmas!

Seven swans are swimming!

As our Christmas countdown begins we look back to a time when Leela swam in the Tardis! Just when you thought the Tardis could not get any bigger it did! Invasion of time is featured in our festive Toybox!

48 shopping days to go...

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Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

A firework theme to the toybox this week with two new explosive items! All in time for Christmas....

Competition result & winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our recent competition. The result was 'Riverside Studios' and the winners, drawn at random from all correct answers, are Lucy McGough and Mark Pilkington. Their signed Time & Space posters will be winging their way this coming week.

Whooooooow - Its Halloween and the monsters are coming!

October 31st 2010 and its time to open a spooky toybox with a monster theme! The monsters are coming....

Be afraid!

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Jo Grant/Jones is back!

In DWB Katy had once said that she would never return to Doctor Who as Jo claiming never to want to boil her 'cabbages twice'.

Fans sighed....

Until the last week of October 2010 - Jo was back in two episodes of the Sarah Jane Adevntures.

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Doctor 5 and 10 in Children in Need!

With Children in Need nearly upon us, the toybox remembers how Doctor 5 and Doctor 10 met during a special edition of the annual show. The Toybox places 3 items into the collection to remember these two Doctors!

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Doctor Who Screwdrivers!

The toybox has a whole host of Sonic Screwdrivers from Doctor 3 to Doctor 9, 10 and 11. Chek out the new Third Doctor one!

The Pandorica Opens by Frank Collins

I'm delighted to say that one our regular contributors, Frank Collins, will be having his first book published in a few weeks time.

Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens - Exploring the Worlds of the Eleventh Doctor’ by Frank Collins