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Change my dear...........

Nothing lasts forever, and I've decided it's almost time for me to move on - but not just yet though! There's still a few more issues left in the old geezer, starting with 391 which should be with members in the next few days.

The name of the new Editor, who has already started preparation work and will taking on the mantle next Spring, will be announced in the Christmas/New Year bumper issue.

Doctor Who Series 5 Music CD

The online store 'Soundtracks Direct' at the time of posting has the the new series 5 music CD available for £8-99 including Uk delivery, which is the cheapest I have seen it so far. You can visit their eBay store at

If anyone has seen a better price please let me know and I'll post it up.

A Christmas Carol - Doctor Who Christmas Special

Tonight's Children in Need featured a preview of the forthcoming Christmas special. The trailer is currently available to view online, but oddly, only at the BBC America website, though it will appear on the UK site soon. The link to see it online at BBC America is:

Children in Need - Flashback 1983

This week the Tobox remembers The Five Doctors first being shown on Children in Need.

Terry Wogan (1983) "Now an adventure with all Five Doctor Whos. You won't believe it....I promise you"

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5 weeks to go: Christmas Toybox Countdown continues!

Five gold rings!
The Five Doctors is placed into the Toybox today as our festive countdown continues. The ring of Rasillon has yet to be produced but a video and book has!

34 shopping days to go...

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Christmas Special Title Revealed

And it is..................................................... A Christmas Carol.

Further details at the BBC Website.

Christmas Toybox Countdown: 6 Weeks until Christmas!

Six geese are laying!

As our festive countdown continues the Toybox remembers the Mara and poor Tegan laying in bed waiting for its return! The Toybox this week features comfy bed wear for a late autumn night! Yes Doctor Who slippers do exist!

41 shopping days to go...

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Black Orchid & Margery Allingham

I have received the following query from Alison Jacobs.

Can you blend a Dalek?

Our friends at Doctor Who Online have teamed up with the guys behind the hugely popular 'Will it Blend?' YouTube viral series, in an attempt to exterminate The Doctor's greatest enemy once and for all, in a Blendtec Total Blender.

Doctor Who Live

And so the Arena Tour is over. Will it prove to be a one-off, or will there be a follow up? While we contemplate this, and many other imponderables, here's a review from regular contributor Alison Jacobs.