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Celestial Toyroom's New Features


#403 of Celestial Toyroom should be falling through letterboxes as I type with its lovely Christmassy Dalek cover by Barry Ward.

New Shooty Dog Thing Book - Out Now

For those who haven't already purchased I would highly recommend the latest Shooty Dog Thing book '2th & Claw'.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

48 today... Happy Birthday Who!

As if by magic #401/02 will be landing on your doorsteps soon and it's theme... the Black & White Years!


The Wedding of River Song - Your Thoughts

So that's it all done with and I have to say I really enjoyed it, I guessed the ending but in all a fun episode that answered most (!) questions and included a lovely mention of the Brig too.

Here are your comments so far...

Closing Time - Your Thoughts (Updated)

A good tale with the Cybermen tagged onto it... fun though!

Here it what you think...

The God Complex - Your Thoughts (Updated)

Fears, faith and a mention of the Nimon!... I really enjoyed that.

Here is what you have said so far...

The Girl Who Waited - Your Thoughts

New Who likes to do emotion and this time I thought it did well.

Here are some of your thoughts...

I honestly thought it was a load of sentimental claptrap. I really didn't find myself enjoying it at all. I don't really know why it just didn't gel at all. The aged Amy was good but that's the best thing I have to say about it.

Kate Griffiths

Night Terrors - Your Thoughts

I really enjoyed that, dark and disturbing in a very good way and it seems you agree...

Let's Kill Hiter - Your Thoughts (Updated)

So it's back, though it doesn't really feel likes its been away!

On first viewing I'm not sold on this episode, some elements I like but more I didnt to be honest.

Here though is what you have been saying:

A Good Man Goes to War - Your Thoughts

That was it then the mid-season finale and now the wait begins…