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The Almost People - Your Thoughts

Jelly Babies, Cybermats and a hell of an ending! Oh... and somewhere in-between a very good conclusion to an excellent two-parter.

Here is what you have said so far about The Almost People:

The Rebel Flesh - Your Thoughts

After two viewings I can now say I enjoyed The Rebel Flesh! I seemed to have missed several key points the first time around, as for me the story seemed to flit around a lot and the one-line explanations were easily missed. The eeriness of the setting was great though and the conclusion has set up a second part of action as the Humans and the Flesh go to War…

The Doctor's Wife - Your Thoughts

Neil Gaiman, cultural genius delivers us Doctor Who of the very highest standing - simply one of the best I thought and here is what you have said so far...

New Eleventh Doctor Books - Out Now!

The end of April saw the release of three new BBC Books continuing the adventures of the Doctor, Amy and Rory. These are The Dead of Winter by James Goss, The Way Through the Woods by Una McCormack and Hunter’s Moon by Paul Finch.

The Curse of the Black Spot - Your Thoughts

Hmmm... I'm undecided on this one so far, I'm thinking good not brilliant but with a real dip in the middle.

Here though is what you thought...

Another good episode. I loved the fact that the Doctor didn’t arrive all
knowing, but gradually worked things out as he went along. The concept of the
2 ships occupying the same space in alternate dimensions was fun too. Also

Day of the Moon - Your Thoughts

Personally I thought that Day of the Moon was something very special and a concluded (of sorts!) a thrilling opener to the new series.

Here is what you have been saying so far...

The Impossible Astronaut - Your Final Thoughts

A final round of your thoughts...

So, was the series opener of Doctor Who in company with “the legs, the nose and Mrs Robinson” any good? Yes it was. Although once again Mr Moffat has asked more questions than he has answered. I had to watch it more than once straight off as I found listening out for the series arc clues to be a full time job.

I Am Dead by Gareth Wiles

One of membership is to have his first book published in May titled I Am Dead by the talented Gareth Wiles.

The Impossible Astronaut - More of Your Thoughts

More of what you think...

The Impossible Astronaut - Your Thoughts

Here is what you have said about the Series 6 opener so far...

Stunning start to a new series, I want a TARDIS to get me to next Saturday!
Although the question we must all be asking is if The Doctor dies the "True
Death" in his 11th incarnation then how can there be any more Who after Matt
Smith leaves?

Mark Carrol